Top 10 Care Solutions Every Care Home Should Have

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Top 10 Care Solutions Every Care Home Should Have

Every care home aims to provide optimal care for the residents. A comprehensive set of solutions is a must-have to ensure a facilitative care approach. From safety measures to medical care, these solutions can vary to a greater extent. In order to provide personalised care, it is essential to have innovative care solutions in your care homes.

In this guide, we aim to highlight the top 10 care solutions that are the must-have for every care home. By implementing these care solutions in care homes, you can enhance the quality of care for the residents.

What Are Care Solutions

Care solutions range in diversified categories that can enhance the overall quality of life. These solutions are ideal to meet the requirements of every individual, such as health conditions and personal preferences. These solutions are often built on several components. Provision of medical facilities to meet healthcare needs effectively is essential. Assistance with activities and daily living to maintain dignity is also a fundamental factor.

Why Do You Need Care Solutions in Care Homes?

Some care homes still do not have care solutions offered by care management systems. However, there are several reasons why you need to have intuitive care solutions. Residents in care homes have diversified needs from emotional support to medical assistance. With care solutions, one can address these needs effectively. High-quality care based on the needs and preferences of individuals can also be provided.

With evidence-based practice and personalised care plans, excellent care provision is mainly provided. Ensuring the safety of residents and supporting their needs can be entrusted with care solutions. Meeting the regulatory requirements and optimising resource allocation to get desirable results is highly possible with care solutions.

Top 10 Care Solutions to Have

Having care management solutions is quite beneficial for care homes. The top 10 care solutions that you should have in your care homes are given here:

●       Chef

Food is something that cannot be compromised at any cost. You become what you eat, so it’s essential to give a healthy and balanced diet to the residents. With a chef solution, you will be able to understand the needs of every individual and service user. The allergy’s cultural information should also be provided in the data so making food will be easy.

It should be able to work on print menus, add custom dishes, and personalise the photos. Consistencies of food, like the level of salt and spices, should also be added to the system. The BMI and Bristol Stool chart shouldn’t be left out of its interface. Image-driven menus with recorded fried temperatures are also a point to note.

●       Professional Notes

Notes by professionals and doctors should be highly accessible. It can help in keeping all the health history and records in one place. As it’s a digital approach, one can access it with internet-enabled devices.  Carers can use these notes to get an update on residents’ well-being without extra effort. Moreover, this solution should be able to work with several types of files such as audio, video, or document.  Through this, the health metrics of the residents can be improved effortlessly. In addition, it would be perfect if more than one person could access information at the same time.

●       Planned Care Routine

From activities to medication, planning plays an essential role in promoting the health and well-being of residents. In the care solution, you should count on the planned care routine, which lets you add resident meal intake and management. Through this, you can collect all the major information, which can help in effortless management.

●       Body Maps

What’s better than getting a quick view of physical ailment? If you have an intuitive feature like body maps, it can help you know the conditions that are affecting the resident’s body. You should also be able to access information whenever needed and save changes for swift updating. In this era of digitalization, a body map solution should be able to detect the condition by pictures and descriptions.

●       Reporting and Analytics

Through this solution, you should be able to monitor performance and requirements. All the essential data should be accessible in one place so residents or carers can use it whenever needed. This reduces the risk of errors and helps you in making measured decisions. Through this, you can ensure easy reporting, evaluate data, simplify documents, and increase the quality of care.

●       QR Code Scanning

Every resident should have a personalised QR code that can make interactions effortless. The carers should be able to record their action and observations with the help of QR codes. Through this, one can get updated and accurate information. This helps in providing security and identity protection for both staff and residents. It’s also a convenient solution for night checks.

●       Hospital Transfer Summary

Through this care solution, carers can share the bio data of the residents who need immediate hospital treatments. All the urgent details will be available swiftly so staff can take quick action. This should be inclusive of previous injuries, diet & nutrition, body maps, etc. This also helps in reaching greater compliance and standards.

●       Family App

Loneliness and lack of family interaction often cause depression. The residents can share media, but for security reasons, it should be controlled by the admins. Moreover, families should be able to sign the consent in a digitalized manner.

●       Accident / Incident Trends

Managing accidents or incident trends in care homes is also a valuable thing. With a digitalized solution, you can reduce paperwork, improve reporting, and control risk management. If a feature is able to show real-time insights and provides automated alerts, then it should be quite convenient.

●       Dependency Assessment

This care solution is helpful in keeping track of residents’ needs. The algorithms should be capable enough to effortlessly assess any changes in the level of dependency.

Final Remarks

The quality of care in care homes can be improved with innovative care solutions. Through care solutions, you can ensure risk management and provide facilitation to the residents. The top 10 care solutions that every resident should have are also discussed above.

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