Care Vision – A Cloud-Based Care Home Software Review

by CareHomeMaster
Care Vision - A Cloud-Based Care Home Software Review

In almost every aspect of our lives, we are taking help from technology. From the healthcare industry to management, everything can be helped by technology. Care homes help in providing essential aid and support to individuals in need to enhance the quality of care. When the number of tasks and operations increases, the chances of human error also get higher.

That is why you need an innovative and cloud-based digital care management system. Among the leading contenders, Care Vision is one of the leading and comprehensive cloud-based solutions. This amazing software helps improve efficiency and enhance the well-being of residents. In this review blog, we will look into Care Vision, its modules, and its benefits. Thus, let’s get into it without any further delay.

Introducing Cloud-Based Care Management Software – Care Vision

Care Vision is one of the most recommended and top-rated care management systems. It’s a cloud-based software assured by NHSX as a supplier of Digital Social Care Records. From an attractive user interface to fast processing speed, this software never fails to amaze the users. It’s a platform designed by care providers for the care providers. Through this integrated system, you can streamline a wide array of tasks and operations effectively.

By using Care Vision, you can manage housekeeping, nutrition, and many other tasks effectively. Thus, there is no need to do extra paperwork, and why wait for papers when you can cater to everything digitally? It allows you to focus on person-centred care so everything can be done without any hassle. One of the best things is that you can also use it on mobile devices.

Innovative Modules in Care Vision

As discussed above, Care Vision is the top recommended and intuitive digital care management software. To enhance the user experience, there is a wide array of modules that you can use effectively. There are several modules in Care Vision that are effective for both carers and residents. In this section, you will discover some of the best-in-class modules of Care Vision. Thus, let’s get into them without any further delay:

  • E-MAR:

E-Mar is the electronic medication solution for streamlining the medication operations in care homes. Through this, you can get rid of medication errors and facilitate the resident’s care. This all-around feature helps ensure that all the medication is administered reliably so you don’t have to carry the MAR folders with you. It’s an easy-to-use feature that safeguards both staff and residents against errors. Through this, you can also get real-time audits with NICE guidelines.

  • Weight Loss Analysis

Through this feature, you can ensure that the resident’s weight is healthy or unhealthy. This can work by combining both MUST and BMI scores. Moreover, it can also help maintain health status and nutritional needs. Wight loss analysis keeping track of both metals and dietary needs, along with monitoring calorie intake, is also possible with this.

  • Care Planning

Care Vision helps in shaping the future of care facilities in a great manner. Without proper care planning, no one can experience person-led care. No matter if you have 20 residents or 50, it helps you get personalised care plans for every individual as per their needs. You can also make the care plan as per the wishes and preferences of the resident with this care planning feature. For better and more efficient management, you also get the pre-planned system for quality-oriented management.

  • Billing

Billing is one of the common issues in the care home sector. Care Vision is a feature-rich digital care management software that understands the challenges related to billing and finance. The bespoken billing feature is a one-stop solution to manage all the billing issues in care homes. Through this software, you can get real-time access to finance and accounts.

Moreover, you can also track the payments that you have paid, still need to pay, or need invoices for. There is no need for manual efforts as it can help streamline the billing operations without any hassle. From making bulk invoices to generating reminders, it can help you with a lot of billing activities.

  • Nutrition

In every care home, there is nothing more important than a resident’s health and wellness. The nutrition module can act as an intrinsic part of Care Vision. From maintaining a balanced diet to identifying allergies, this feature can help in meeting the resident’s needs without errors. Through the Nutrition module, staff can track the general records, which are recorded in the form of easy-to-read flow charts.

Moreover, there is no extra manual effort required as you can track all the nutritional needs in a digitalized manner. Get tailored, health-friendly meals that can meet the dietary requirements of the residents.

  • Resident Funds

It is one of the fantastic and advanced features of Care Vision that gives financial independence to the residents. Through this, the family members can effectively provide funds for their loved ones so they can enjoy their hobbies and activities independently. Resident Fund is very effective in giving financial independence and security to the residents.

Moreover, it’s a digitalized approach, so you can manage residents’ personal funds without any financial errors. The user-friendly interface and advanced algorithms help you manage the funds effortlessly. Not only this, but you can also create budgets, track expenses, and view statements with this. It ensures optimised encryption and security of financial transactions.

  • ROTA

Every care management system should incorporate features that not only make resident work easy but also streamline admin tasks. Staff shift management is indeed one of the challenging tasks in care homes. But, with tech-savvy features such as Rota, you can manage staff shifts to ensure smooth operation and routine. Ensuring work-life balance in the staff’s life is also possible with Rota.

Through Rota, admins can track attendance, leaves, absences, and other leaves in a digital manner, so the risk of errors is quite low. The staff app helps in tracking the personal Rota along with hour management, and the staff can also make a request for holidays like bank holidays.

  • Clocking In

Manual attendance often leads to error because of the increased risk of human errors. This sometimes leads to financial fluctuations, which is not an ideal situation. When a person needs leave, they have to write an application, submit it manually, and wait for approval for a long time. This requires extra time and effort. However, with a digitalized approach, such as the Clocking In feature of Care Vision, you can do all the management without any extra effort.

This feature can help in maintaining the ideal record of attendance for efficient payroll management. Plus, the advanced facial recognition software limits physical contact for hygiene management and provides quick procedures. Care homes have a wide array of visitors on a daily basis, and to keep that track along with GDPR regulations. The visitor register interface records the basic yet essential information such as name, company name, and reason to visit.

  • Visitor Book

As the name indicates, this feature helps in managing the visitor’s record effectively. It can give the real-time headcount of the people in the building and provide protection for vulnerable service users. Moreover, Visitor Book is a quick and effective solution with readable font support. For optimised quality assurance, it can also record the feedback from the visitors. As it runs on advanced technology, you can get compliments, complaints, and suggestions without any hassle. Regular visitors and healthcare professionals can scan QR codes for quick and easy access.

  • Body Maps

This feature of Care Vision helps you get a quick and comprehensive view of physical ailments so you can effectively see the body parts of the resident that have been affected by the condition. This can make the provider’s care more effective and streamlined. As it is an online approach so you can make swift changes in the body map of every resident.

If you think that there are any changes in a specific part of the body that need to be questioned, just take the picture, and its advanced algorithms will help you find the problem without any hassle. The higher compliance level never fails to ensure the health and well-being of the residents. Thus, if you think that the residents have any condition, consider using Body Maps to find the issue.

Benefits of Using Care Vision

Care Vision is one of the best in class digital care management software. By using this software, you can experience several amazing benefits. Some of these benefits are also mentioned here for your better understanding:

  • Improved Efficiency: This software can streamline administrative tasks and other staff operations. Through this, you can ensure scheduling, billing, and record management by reducing the paperwork and risk of errors.
  • Fast Outcomes: As it’s a digitalized approach so you can use it to save valuable time of manual effort and get the desired outcomes at a faster pace. The automation approach can handle complex tasks at a faster pace.
  • Qualitative Care: As the manual efforts are reduced with its digitalized approach, so staff don’t have to focus on the manual efforts. With the help of this centralised platform, one can surely focus on delivering more quality care.

Who Can Use This Amazing Quality Software?

You must be wondering about the sectors that can use this advanced and quality-optimised software. Here are some of the sectors that can use this fantastic software:

  • Residential Care Homes
  • Nursing Homes
  • Care Home Groups
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Mental Health Support
  • Supported Living
  • Domiciliary Care
  • Live-in Care
  • Children Services


Before we conclude things, we would like to thank the directors of Care Vision – Abdullah and Rishi, for providing us complete info about their Care Management System. In the following discussion, we have discussed the top-rated Care Vision care management software. With the help of this software, you can enhance the health and well-being of the residents without any risk of human errors. It’s an all-around software with versatile features that provide both admin and care solutions. You can also get the comprehensive information about it from the above discussion.

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