Top EMAR Providers for Care Homes in the UK

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Top EMAR Providers for Care Homes in the UK

When it comes to care homes, there needs to be tools that can streamline care facilities without any hassle. Throughout the UK, several care homes suffer from daily manual errors like billing errors and medication errors. One of the major parts that needs lots of attention and care is medication administration and management.

With the help of an up-to-date medication solution, one can enhance resident’s safety and improve overall quality. Thus, in this blog, we aim to guide you about EMAR and its top providers.

What is EMAR? How Does It Work?

You are living in an era where almost every problem has a digital solution. Just like this, medication errors can be a life-threatening problem and the name of medication error’s digital solution is EMAR – the Electronic Medication Administration Record. It’s a well-known digital system that helps manage and track the resident’s medication. Digital support helps in replacing the extensive paper-based work and provides up-to-date electronic records. In EMAR, you can find several types of assistive features such as medication scheduling, dosage tracking, real-time alerts, and resident information management. EMAR works as the one-stop solution to enhance overall efficiency and care quality.

EMAR for care homes works on digital algorithms that streamline workflows and maintain electronic records. Initially one can add the resident’s information to the EMAR system such as medical histories, prescriptions, and demographics. Moving on, add the medication inputs like name, frequency, dosage, and route of administration. Based on input data the system uses its advanced functionalities and generates a medication administration schedule for every resident without errors. At the time of medication administration, the carers can access updated information on internet-enabled devices and just select the resident’s name to indicate that the medication is administered on time.

You can customise the current, future, and past medication history. Moreover, it also lets you differentiate between homely medications and professionally prescribed medications. One of the best things is, that automated alerts let the carers know that it is time for medication administration. If the medication is not working effectively, you can also destroy and return it without any hassle. Every care home needs to have its own stock of medication and maintaining that stock can be challenging. Yet, EMAR lets you monitor the service user stock so you never order less than needed. In addition, maintaining temperatures for medications like covert temperature and fridge temperature is also possible with this.

Reasons to Use EMAR In Care Homes

Several reasons demonstrate why using EMAR in care homes is the better and more effective thing to do. Some of these reasons are also discussed here:

  • EMAR enhances resident safety and reduces the risk of medication errors that affect the health of the residents. This provides real-time access to the medication information which is very helpful.
  • Through this, one can ensure that residents have received the right medication at the right time with the right dosage.
  • Improved and consistent medication adherence is one of the main reasons to have EMAR. This leads to better health outcomes and prevents complications.
  • EMAR is a digitised approach that helps in the real-time monitoring of medication administration and interventions.
  • Through this approach, the caregivers can address medication-related concerns and problems while ensuring safety and well-being.
  • EMAR is designed in such a way that it can optimise the medication management workflows so caregivers can work with productivity and efficiency.
  • Regulatory compliance and audits are essential for care homes and with the digital solution like EMAR, one can provide care as per these standards.
  • One of the main reasons to use the EMAR is, it helps in making data-driven decisions and lets you implement evidence-based interventions.

Top 5 Providers of EMAR in the UK

Do you want to know the top 5 providers of EMAR? This section will help you in this matter:

  1. Care Vision

Let us start with the top-notch and feature-fledged provider of EMAR – Care Vision. It is a cloud-based software that never fails to amaze users with its optimal functionality and performance metrics. Not only does EMAR, also provide the best in class care and administrative solutions that help carers in providing the best and standard care to the residents.

The EMAR for care homes by Care Vision is an example of innovation with this, you can ensure that the medication is administered without hassle so the risk of errors is quite low. No need to maintain hectic paper records as you can store up-to-date information with this digital solution. It is very easy to use and reduces the risk of medication errors.

  • Birdie

Birdie is one of the leading EMAR software for care homes. From a user-friendly interface to robust features, it incorporates the best functionality. When it comes to medication management, Birdie is a great solution for managing medication-related tasks, planning care for the residents, and handling administrative tasks. The seamless integration and easy onboarding process make it a smooth software to use.

  • Alora

Alora is also a great platform to get EMAR services as EMAR is its standout feature. It has a user-friendly interface which makes medication management more handy. This software helps in ensuring that careers can document medication records effortlessly and handle administrative tasks without hassle. The paperless workflow and instant support also make it a credible software.

  • Kinnser

Kinnser also stands higher in the list of best EMAR providers as it’s an intuitive platform for medication management. It leads to error-free medication management to uplift resident health and enhance safety in the care homes. The other features also help in enhancing care facilities.

  • ClearCare

It’s an all-in-one care home care solution and the leading feature is EMAR. The user-friendly approach with the best medication management capabilities makes it a great platform for minimising the risks of medication errors. You can also use its built-in tools like billing and scheduling to get the most out of it.


Conclusively, having a medication management solution reduces the risk of medication errors and helps in enhancing the resident’s health and safety. In the following article, we have talked about EMAR which is an electronic medication solution. With this, you can ensure that the resident gets the dosage with the advised prescription and timings. The best providers of EMAR for care homes are also listed above.

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