Must-Have Features in Care Home Management System

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Must Have Features in Care Home Management System

Care homes are also known as nursing homes, residential homes, and assisted living facilities. With the passage of time, the trend and need for care homes has been increased drastically. Through this, the individuals who require assistance and support in their daily lives can benefit. In care homes, facilitating good and reliable care is the top priority, which a Care Management System can accomplish.

Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about the care management system because here we will guide you through this thoroughly. By the end of this context, you will know everything about a reliable care management system.

What Is A Care Home Management System?

You must be wondering what a care management system is and why it’s essential for care homes. A care management system comprehends advanced algorithms and technology that can streamline the various care home-related operations and tasks. Through this automated support, one can enhance the quality of care and improve facilitation.

These care homes provide professional quality care to individuals in need. People who cannot even perform activities of daily living such as bathing, eating, or walking can also get assistance here. Socialisation and communication are also part of these homes so the residents do not feel lonely or left out. Moreover, access to the best healthcare services is also a great benefit of using care homes.

What Features Every Care Management System Should Have?

Features play an essential role in setting care management systems apart from their competitors. With the range of effective features, one can effectively streamline all the administrative and other tasks without any hassle. Through this, the quality of care in care homes is also enhanced. Some of the key features that every care management system should have are discussed here:

  • Care Planning: Before anything else, a care management system should integrate a specialised care planning feature. With this, one can create customised care plans as per the needs and conditions of a resident. In addition to this, admins and staff can get a proper aim of plan that can identify the needs to facilitate optimised care.
  • Audit Management: It is also an important feature because this can ensure that all the care and other tasks are executed in a current manner. This can help the admins in business compliance, risk management, workforce compliance, etc.
  • Accounts: An account feature helps in generating automated and error-free invoices. Through this, one can stream the invoices to update people on pending payments. Moreover, an account feature should be capable of logging real-time receipts, generating late payment reminders, adding company logos to invoices, and giving relevant reporting.
  • Admin: With the admin feature, one can handle all the admin tasks to streamline operations. An admin feature should be capable of analysing and answering the service user enquiries and avoiding errors. Moreover, it should be able to provide tutorials and training videos to enhance the usage metrics of the care management system.
  • HR Solutions: HR is an important part of every company and organisation. An HR feature should be capable of generating detailed profiles. Moreover, the algorithms should include disciplinary warnings, evidence supervision, data tracking, improvement of employee staff, and updating of procedures and policies. Collaboration and communication should be promoted electronically through optimised permission settings.
  • Staff Shift Management: Without staff, no company or organisation can work smoothly. Thus, staff shift management features like Rota are a must-have in every care home management system. This feature should be capable of tracking the staff shift hours, linking it to the payroll package, making annual leaves and audits, etc.
  • Nurse Call System: With this highly assistive feature, residents can call the nurses immediately on the basis of their needs. This can ensure rapid care in the care homes and can prevent communication errors. A proven record of calls and timings is also a very beneficial point.
  • Chef: It’s also a mandatory feature because, through this, the chefs can create printed menus with clear instructions and details. When food consistency, such as spice and salt levels, is displayed on the screen, it can enhance the quality of care.
  • Body Maps: This feature should also be included in the care management system because it can ensure which part of the resident’s body is affected. Through this, one can effectively detect the problematic areas and provide optimal transparency for care. Ensuring higher standards of compliance is also possible through this.
  • Resident Fund: It’s one of the assistive features that every care home should have. This can ensure financial assistance for peace and make residents financially independent. As it will be a digital approach, you can track and manage the resident funds without any hassle. Above all, it is beneficial for ensuring that financial transactions are conducted with encryption.
  • Staff App: Every care home has staff, so it’s important to have a staff app. This can help the staff members to update their availability status. The entitlement and reviewing of monthly shifts should also be possible. The algorithms should be advanced enough to update shift planning and notify important messages swiftly.
  • Device Management: A care management system can be used on internet-enabled devices, but the admins should be able to control who can access the care services they are offering. It should be eligible enough to provide an optimal encryption layer. Moreover, the encryption algorithms should be advanced so no one can cause data leakage. Optimised encryption can also prevent data theft.

Final Remarks

As discussed in the above discussion, the usage of care homes has increased drastically in recent years. As the demand increases, the operations and tasks also get higher and more challenging. However, you can manage this with the help of innovative care management software. If you are new to choosing a care management software, make sure it supports specialised features. These features may include admin, accounts, device management, staff app, Rota, resident funds, etc.

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